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Bring your
weekly workouts
to your wallet.

What if your wallet actually had stuff about you?
Receipts authenticates your accomplishments, maps them to your wallet, and makes them composable.

We're starting with Strava and going from there.

How It Works

1Connect wallet
2Authenticate accomplishment
3Attest to wallet

Okay, but specifically how does it work?

After you’ve connected your wallet to Receipts and authenticated your fitness account, we’ll automatically show available accomplishments. You can then decide which ones to bring to your wallet by clicking the attest button.

What does it mean to attest something?

Once you click attest, Receipts will make an attestation using Ethereum Attestation Service. The attestation will contain raw metadata of the accomplishment from the fitness account. For example, an attestation that came from Strava might contain your all-time running stats (like distance, and moving-time).

What is Ethereum Attestation Service?

It’s a public good built on top of Ethereum that allows for attestations to be created and verified.

What happens after an attestation is made?

Once Receipts makes an attestation, the metadata is published to IPFS and queryable by anyone. Receipts will be the creator of the attestation, and your wallet will be the receiver of the attestation. The attestations are made offchain and are free. Receipts may allow onchain attestations in the future.

Can I mint an attestation?

After an attestation is made, you’ll have the option to mint it as an NFT that contains the metadata and visuals. This means it’s easily shareable on apps like Warpcast and viewable on block explorers and wallets.

Which chain is the NFT on?

Receipts NFTs are on Base.

Why should I use Receipts?

Receipts is for anyone in the arena trying stuff. Show them the receipts.

*** show me the receipts ***